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High Speed Steel Rolling Machine , 5 Tons / Hour Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

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High Speed Steel Rolling Machine , 5 Tons / Hour Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

High Speed Steel Rolling Machine , 5 Tons / Hour Steel Rolling Mill Machinery
High Speed Steel Rolling Machine , 5 Tons / Hour Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

Large Image :  High Speed Steel Rolling Machine , 5 Tons / Hour Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receiving advanced payments
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
General Model: 230*250*280*320 Model: Φ170×300
Key Word: Hot Rolling Machine Application: Rolling Small Wires
Advantages:: Multi-line Rolling, And High Output Roll Length: 300
High Light:

hot rolling mill


hot steel rolling mill

 Automatic Hot Rolling Line With High Working Efficiency



The hot rolling machine is actually a part of the continuous casting direct rolling equipment. The main function of the continuous casting machine is to solidify the liquid flowing through the equipment for drawing and crystallization into billet. The rolling machine used at this time is the hot rolling machine. . The hot rolling mill has a wide range of functions. Its model number is named according to the diameter of the roll. The general model of hot rolling machine as follow: 230*250*280*320, etc. Please call or request for more information about the rolling process of opposite sex or conventional material.



Small scale hot rolling machine is a 200×3 type rolling machine with a roll diameter of 200 mm. The rolling machine is mainly used for rolling small wires and adopts a three-roll working stand. The main equipment of the rolling machine is composed of a host column, which consists of three basic parts: the prime mover, the transmission device and the actuator. The configuration adopted is electric motor--reducer--gear base--rolling machine. Since the steering and rotational speed of the rolls are irreversible, the prime mover adopts a high-speed AC main motor with a lower cost. Considering that the rolling machine load is very uneven, in order to balance the motor load and reduce the capacity of the motor, a flywheel is added between the reducer and the motor. Gear base: Purpose is to transmit torque to the work roll, adopts three cylindrical herringbone gears of equal diameter to be arranged in a row in the vertical plane and housed in a closed box. Coupling: The safety coupling is used between the reducer and the gear base, and the plum coupling is used for the main coupling. Scope of application: Mainly used for the production of rolling rebar, angle steel, square steel, flat steel, channel steel, can also be used for other types of profiles, aluminum, copper, sheet, steel strip, and other waste steel restructuring.




Configuration introduction:

The general conventional small hot rolling is divided into: 3-5 groups * 5-7 groups * 7-9 groups * 9-13 groups * 13-17 groups, etc., the number of groups here represents the number of mechanical arches (ie K ). Rolling machine composition and structural characteristics: This machine is composed of main motor, reducer, herringbone gear seat, universal joint, working stand, electric control cabinet, etc. The roller system adopts special rolling mill bearing, and the roller material is 9Cr2Mo.



Process Description:

The qualified billets are lifted to the loading platform by the bridge crane, and then the billets are pushed into the heating furnace by the pusher. When the billet is heated to 1150 °C, the hot billets are pushed out of the heating furnace by the tapping machine, and through discharging roller and front work rollers of the Φ400 rough rolling machine, they are sent to the Φ300×4 medium rolling machine. The roughing rolling machine is shuttled 7-9 times, and the rolled parts are fixedly sheared to remove irregular portions or low temperature portions of the head, and then they are sent to Φ300×4/Φ280×8 rolling machine. The Φ280×8 is rolled into Φ6.5-8mm wire, and finally collected, packed, weighed and stored in the warehouse.



The difference between full continuous rolling and semi-continuous rolling

In the steel rolling production process, there are generally two processes, one of which uses full continuous rolling and the other uses semi-continuous rolling. Full continuous rolling is generally suitable for production lines with large output, and semi-continuous rolling is suitable for production lines with a slightly smaller output. At present, the rolling method adopted in some small workshops is a kind of special semi-continuous rolling method, which is to carry out continuous rolling between the two front and rear racks, and to perform the idle rolling between the two sets of rolling machines. When the finish rolling process is continuous rolling, the rolling speed is not limited, and the output is high, but the rolling machine is complicated to adjust, the product variety is difficult to change, the production is not flexible, so it’s only suitable for the mass production for few varieties of simple section profiles.



When the finishing rolling process is a cross-roll rolling machine’s shuttle rolling or a loop rolling, it is convenient to change the rolling product type, but the rolling speed and the output is low, which is suitable for rolling of special section profiles and small batch production of multiple varieties. This equipment has the advantages of compact layout, convenient adjustment, multi-line rolling, and high output.



In addition to full continuous and semi-continuous rolling, the rolling machine can also produce by slitting rolling process. When the conditions are the same, the process can reduce the heating temperature of the billet by about 40 ° C, reduce the fuel by 20%, and reduce the power consumption by 15%, so the total production costs can be reduced by 10-15%. This proves that slitting rolling process is an easy and effective measure to reduce production costs.



Compared with ordinary rolling, the precision of products through slitting rolling can be increased by 5%-6%. The reason is that the two lines are bitten at the same time after slitting, the cross-section changes little, the head-to-tail temperature difference is small and the load is uniform. In addition, the slitting rolling is performed only in the last three racks, and the rest are micro tension and tensionless rolling.



When using the same size of billets to produce the same size products, it is only necessary to roll a 1/2 section, thus reducing the number of rolling passes. At the same time, double-line or multi-line rolling can be realized, which greatly increases the output of the rolling machine, and this is especially important when producing small-sized products.







Roll Size


Stock Size


Finished Product Size



Rolling Force


Rolling Speed


Motor Power

Roll Length


Roll Diameter









Φ170×300 300 170 2 200 0.17   450 0.2-0.4 24.5
Φ250×300 300 200 10 200 0.5   1000 0.3 55
Φ250×300 250-300 180-200 6 200-260 1.2   1000 0.3 75
Φ310×400 400 300-310 0.45 140-300 0.12-0.15 140-300 1176 0.99 90
Φ350×350 350 350 12 240 1   1250 0.49 115
Φ420×350 850 420 30 250 1   1800 0.45 185
Φ485×850 850 455-475 30 330-560 0.45     0.88 280
Φ500×1200 1200 500 10 1050 0.5   2500 0.63 130
Φ500×1350 1350 490-510 20 1100 0.8 1100 4000 0.89 210



Purchase Service Guide:

Before purchasing, our company will arrange engineers and technicians to the user site to plan the site and design the best process and solution for the customer for free. After purchasing, our company will assign specialized after-sales service personnel to the site to guide the customer to install and debug, assist the customer in planning and managing the equipment for free until the customer is satisfied. Adhering to the customer-oriented service purpose, our company gradually formed a complete service system of design, installation, debugging, maintenance, etc. With a technology-riched engineering team and a good and efficient after-sales service team, we are ready to provide users with a full range of technical services. And we are affirmed by the peer industry and users with fast response time, high work efficiency and timely problem solving .




Service pledge:

1. Products are strictly produced according to the requirements and standards of ISO9001 quality management system, and each product is strictly inspected before leaving the factory.

2. Our company implements the after-sales service concept of “you use equipment, I maintain”, and responds fast and timely. After receiving the feedback of quality information, we will give satisfactory answers to the users within 24 hours. For the domestic users, we will arrive at the use site within three days, and for the foreign users, we will reply through telephone, fax or mail within 10 days.

3. After the equipment is checked and accepted, the supplier leaves a technician to monitor the operation status of the equipment, and provides technical training for the relevant technical personnel of the demand side for 1-3 days.

4. The equipment has a warranty period of one year from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair it free of charge and the equipment will be paid for maintenance for life.

5. After the expiration of the warranty period, only the necessary maintenance, labor and materials costs will be charged.

6. The self-made parts purchased by the demanding side, the supplier promises that the price will not increase within 3 years.

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