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Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed

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Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed

Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed
Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed

Large Image :  Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE
Model Number: WCT-VI-50

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receiving advanced payments
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Name: High Frequency Electric Furnace Power Supply: Three-phase Four-wire 380V 50-60HZ
Input Power: 50KW IF Range KHZ: 15-35
Feature: High Heating Speed Duty Rate: 100%
Input Current: 80A Dimensions Length × Width × Height Mm: 550*650*1260mm
High Light:

high frequency induction heating machine


high frequency induction heating equipment

Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed


Description of High frequency furnace:

Equipment introduction: Also known as high-frequency electric furnace, high-frequency electric machine, high-frequency electric heating, high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency heating furnace, high-frequency melting furnace, etc., it is a kind of induction heating power supply, and its frequency is high during operation. The heating efficiency of small or small metal parts is extremely high. The working principle: Brief description: The eddy current is generated by the magnetic field to convert the electric energy into heat energy, thereby achieving induction heating, and the heating purpose can be achieved. High-frequency furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces, super-audio, ultra-high frequency, power frequency and other power sources are collectively referred to as: induction heating equipment. Because the range of equipment frequency is different, the frequency problem is not studied too much. More details can be called or communicated.



The scope of use of the equipment:

Diathermy class:

1. Reinforcing steel * steel plate * steel wire * steel belt and other online heat transfer operations

2· Round steel, hexagonal steel, drill rod, steel pipe, etc.

3. Bolt * nut * flat steel and other heating red

Quenching class:

1· Gear*axis and other surface scanning quenching

2· Line wheel* sprocket* and other disc surface quenching

3.  Machine tool guide * Dovetail groove and other surface heat treatment

4.  Steel pipe * concrete pump tube inner wall surface quenching, etc.

Smelting class: rare metal smelting, for example: gold and silver, etc.

Brazing type: bit head * picking * copper plate, etc.

Thermal disassembly type: gear shaft * coupling * electronic rotor stator * train wheels and so on.

Surface hot melt type: laminar flow roller, plunger pump column, etc.

Annealing class: cold rolled steel bar * steel strand * train track interface.

Note: A variety of heating production lines, simple tooling fixtures, etc. are available.




Equipment composition:

There are three main components: 1. Heating power supply host 2. Water-cooled dry-type transformer 3. Customized contour sensor

Note: The model of the heating power supply host is divided into: 50KW*80KW*120KW*160KW*200KW*300KW*500KW, etc.

The composition of the transformer: consists of a high-temperature sintered magnetic core or a silicon steel sheet, and the number of turns is adjustable.

Custom profiling sensor: Customized processing using round copper tube or square copper tube. The specific size is customized by the user to provide the workpiece size or reserved clearance.



Company pre-sale, sale and after-sales concept:

Companies adhering to the consistent "quality reputation is survival" business philosophy, we strive for excellence, go all out, continue to innovate, improve product service quality, provide customers with the most competitive products; in the "quality of survival, reputation The business philosophy of "seeking development" serves the majority of users. Our company sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit our company!

Service tenet: Free sample, free installation and commissioning, regular visit, quality tracking, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Free samples, free installation and commissioning, quality tracking, regular return visits, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.



working principle:

The steel workpiece is placed in an inductor made of a copper tube to pass an alternating current to generate an alternating magnetic field. Due to electromagnetic induction, the induced current in the opposite direction of the current in the inductor will be generated in the workpiece, the eddy current. Due to the skin effect, the distribution of eddy currents in the cross section of the workpiece is not uniform, and the higher the current density of the surface, the smaller the current density at the center. The higher the frequency of the alternating current, the more pronounced the skin effect, the shallower the depth of the induction heating, and the resistance heat generated by the eddy current concentrated on the surface layer of the workpiece according to the Joule-Electrical Law due to the resistance of the workpiece itself. (Brief: The eddy current is generated by the magnetic field to convert the electric energy into heat energy, so as to achieve induction heating, the heating purpose can be achieved.)








power supply





IF range



Duty rate






Length × width × height mm



Three-phase four-wire














Three-phase four-wire



50KW 15-35 100% 80A 550*650*1260mm

Three-phase four-wire



80KW 15-35 100% 140A

Main 600×480×1380mm

Part 800×500×580mm


Three-phase four-wire



120KW 15-35 100% 180A

Main 600×480×1380mm

Part 800×500×580mm


Three-phase four-wire



160KW 15-35 100% 230A

Main 600×480×1380mm

Part 800×500×580mm


Three-phase four-wire



200KW 2-8 100% 400A

Main 530×760×1660mm

Part :1100×850×700mm Or custom-made furnaces / furnaces, etc.


Three-phase four-wire



300KW 2-8 100% 600A

Main 530×760×1660mm

Part:1100×850×700mm Or custom-made furnaces / furnaces, etc.


Three-phase four-wire



500KW 2-8 100% 1000A

Main 530×760×1660mm

Part:1100×850×700mmOr custom-made furnaces / furnaces, etc.

Note WCT and WJZ series distinguish: WCT as a super-audio series can not match the furnace body or furnace; WJZ series frequency is low, can output a variety of, more details can be specifically communicated.


Power Saving High Frequency Induction Furnace With High Heating Speed 0


Equipment advantages:

1. Simple production, flexible feeding and discharging, high degree of automation, and online production;

2. The workpiece has high heating speed, less oxidative decarburization and high efficiency;

3. The workpiece heating length, speed, temperature, etc. can be precisely controlled;

4. The workpiece is heated evenly, the core table temperature difference is small, and the control precision is high;

5. The sensor can be carefully manufactured according to customer requirements.

6. All-round energy-saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower than the cost of coal burning;

7. It meets environmental protection requirements, and the pollution is small, and it also reduces the labor intensity of workers.



1. Easy to install, just use electricity and water to use, no need to install it;

2. Easy to operate: learn in a few minutes

3. Start fast: start heating after water is energized

4. Less power consumption: about 30% energy saving than the old high-frequency equipment of the old tube, the smaller the workpiece, the smaller the power consumption

5. The effect is good: the heating is very uniform, the heating is fast, and the oxide layer is less.

6. Power adjustable: adjustable output power.

7. Protection: with over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatic control and protection



Equipment boot precautions and maintenance:

When the device is connected to the water and electricity pipeline, first find the power main switch on the power main control cabinet panel and turn it on. After the “Click” sound is heard, the AC contactor is closed, press the “heat/stop button or step on the foot switch”. Then adjust the heating power knob and adjust it according to the scale indication. When the heating temperature reaches the ideal state, the machine can be stopped.

Maintenance: When the working conditions of the equipment are allowed, the conventional testing blower frequently blows dust, regularly checks the water path of the equipment, checks whether there is water leakage, etc., and must check whether the circuit is loose or abnormal contact before starting each time.




export package:

It is made of domestic top-grade fumigation wood, combined with air compressor and hand-held nail gun custom packaging, strictly control the strength of the board, and use special hoe to paste in the shipping wooden box to ensure the accuracy and stability of each delivery!




spare parts:

Each set of equipment undergoes strict aging test before leaving the factory, and the conventional heating ring is matched with 2-3 sets to ensure the timeliness of the user's on-site use, matching the equipment-specific foot switch and certificate and product warranty card.




Equipment cooling:

Due to different equipment types, the requirements for cooling capacity are also different. For example, the WCT series has a small heat output, and the required cooling capacity is 8-10 m3. If the maximum tonnage of the cooling tower is 50T, it can be satisfied. The WJZ series is different. Generally, there are many hot forging and smelting. At this time, the cooling requirements of the selected equipment are high. The cooling capacity of the pool is about 20m3. If the cooling tower needs at least 80-100T, it can be satisfied.




Manufacturer service commitment:

1. The company's products are strictly produced according to the requirements and standards of ISO9001 quality management system, and each product is strictly inspected and manufactured.

2. The company implements the after-sales service concept of “you use equipment, I maintain”, and the after-sales service is fast and timely. After receiving the feedback of quality information, the company will give satisfactory answers to the users within 24 hours; the domestic users will arrive at the use site within three days. The telephone, fax and mail methods for foreign users will be answered within 10 days.

3. After the equipment is accepted, the supplier retains the operation status of a technician and monitoring equipment, and provides technical training for the relevant technical personnel of the demand side for 1-3 days.

4. The equipment has a warranty period of one year from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair it free of charge and the equipment will be paid for maintenance for life.

5. After the equipment exceeds the warranty period, only the necessary maintenance and labor costs will be charged.

6. The self - made parts purchased by the acquirer, the supplier promises that the price will not increase within 3 years.

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