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Round Steel Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment With High Efficiency

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Round Steel Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment With High Efficiency

Round Steel Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment With High Efficiency
Round Steel Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment With High Efficiency

Large Image :  Round Steel Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment With High Efficiency

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receiving advanced payments
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Key Word: Medium Frequency Diathermy Furnace Power Supply: Three - Pahes Four - Wire 380V 50-60HZ
IF Range KHZ: 2-8 Features: Small Volume, High Power, Fast Heating
Duty Rate: 100% Warranty: 12 Month
High Light:

medium frequency induction melting furnace


medium frequency induction machine

Medium frequency diathermy furnace



Intermediate frequency furnace is also known as: medium frequency diathermy furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, medium frequency heating furnace, medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency quenching machine, medium frequency electric heating, new IGBT medium frequency heating furnace, energy saving intermediate frequency furnace, etc. Main features: small volume, high power, Fast heating , core-permeable, and electricity-saving. Power saving situation: Compared with the old thyristor intermediate frequency, the thyristor medium frequency heating uses about 470 degrees of electricity per ton of workpiece. Our new medium frequency power consumption is about 350 degrees. Every burning ton saves more than 100 KWH of electricity. As long as you burn about 500 tons, you can recover the equipment investment by saving electricity. Circuit characteristics: The main device adopts IGBT module, and the circuit adopts uncontrolled full-bridge rectification, capacitance filtering, bridge inverter, and series resonance output. There is a fundamental difference between the use of thyristor parallel resonance and the old-fashioned intermediate frequency. Power saving principle: Uncontrolled rectification, the rectifier circuit is fully conductive. High power factor, voltage type series resonance, etc., determine the device to save a lot of power.

Equipment selection

First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand the purpose of purchasing an intermediate frequency furnace, such as: hot forging ,smelting liquid, or surface heat treatment, etc. This is a process problem of the operation, and secondly, it is necessary to consider the working efficiency of the equipment, for example, how much work is required in one hour? At this time, factors such as production tempo should be considered.


  • Main technical parameters:





Power supply


input power


IF range KHZ


Duty rate


Input Current



Length × width × height mm



Three-pahes four -wire 380V











Main 850×530×1730




Three-pahes four -wire 380V











Main 850×530×1730




Three-pahes four -wire 380V











Main 850×530×1730




Three-pahes four -wire 380V











Main 850×530×1730



Three-pahes four -wire 380V











Main 850×530×1730





2) IGBT intermediate frequency power supply working principle and characteristics:

All-solid-state induction heating is the output of the intermediate frequency current by the all-solid-state induction heating device. The alternating magnetic field is generated by the induction coil of the furnace. It can penetrate the workpiece placed in the induction coil to induce the current itself and quickly heat the workpiece.

The whole machine is divided into four parts: rectification part, inverter part, regulator circuit part and operation protection circuit.




IGBT intermediate frequency power supply inverter schematic

Load characteristics---IGBT medium-frequency induction heating equipment generally adopts series resonance mode. In the series resonant load shown in the above figure, when the value of inductance L (inductor) and resonant capacitor is determined, the natural frequency of resonance is also determined. As the resistance of the load (inductor) changes, the natural frequency also changes, and the frequency is higher when the empty furnace is lightly loaded; the frequency is lower when the furnace is cold and heavy.

Start frequency tracking feature---In the startup process, when the starting frequency is closest to the load frequency, the success rate of starting is higher. As the frequency varies with the load, so the sweep start mode is adopted, that is, the frequency start signal within a range of the load frequency variation is sent, so that the load is not affected by the load change, and the reliability of the startup is greatly improved. It is almost 100% started.

Technical characteristics

Main features: adpot IGBT devices, global procurement of components, high-efficiency combined resonance technology, low-inductance circuit arrangement, large-scale word circuit, and more comprehensive and mature protection technology.

Three advantages

1, a substantial power saving. Each ton of steel heated consumes 320 degrees of electricity. It is 20 -30% less power than thyristor intermediate frequency.

2, will not bring network side pollution, power supply transformers do not heat, substation compensation capacitors do not heat and do not interfere with other equipment work.

3. Reduce the capacity of the power supply transformer.

Power saving effect

IGBT intermediate frequency power saving effect:

Take JZ-400/2 as an example: the class produces 10 tons of forgings, saving 80-100 degrees per ton, saving 560-700 yuan for electricity in the class, then saving electricity costs of 20,000 yuan per month; double or three shifts, monthly savings of electricity fee is 40,000 to 60,000 yuan. Equipment investment can be recovered in a few months.

Welcome new and old customers and friends to visit our company. Your needs are our work. We will serve you wholeheartedly. We hope that we can cooperate successfully.


Energy saving principle and actual effect

1. IGBT is 10% more energy efficient than thyristor.

2, Series saves 10% more energy than parallel.

3, No transformer is more energy efficient than transformer

4, full rectification is more energy efficient than semi-rectifying

5, the induction circle is designed to be more energy efficient

6, power factor

The power sector is fined for power factor below 0.86, and rewards above 0.95. The power supply of the power sector is divided into active and reactive power, and the reactive power is returned to the power sector. This will not charge the electricity bill, but the electricity will be lost through transmission, the power sector will lose so they will ask for adding the compensation cabinet. Usually, it will cost 50,000 yuan for the 160KW thyristor furnace and compensation cabinet , otherwise the reactive power fee will be deducted by 3 times of the electricity price . The power factor of the JZ type equipment is 0.93, and the thyristor furnace is only 0.6 without the power factor compensation.


Energy saving investigation record table of IGBT intermediate frequency furnace and thyristor intermediate frequency furnace

customer Use model Energy saving situation
Hangzhou JZ500/2-IGBT 21% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Liaocheng JZ200/4-IGBT 20% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Zhenjiang JZ300/3-IGBT 20% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Jinjiang JZ200/4-IGBT 18% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Qingdao JZ500/2-IGBT 20% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Changzhou JZ200/4-IGBT 23% energy saving compared to thyristor IF
Zhangjiagang JZ200/4-IGBT 20% energy saving compared to thyristor IF



Technical documents provided by the seller

1. Equipment installation and maintenance instructions; 2. Equipment inspection certificate;

3, the warranty card; 4, the factory packing list.


1. The seller installs and debugs the site and trains the buyer.

2. Implement (1+1) technical after-sales service for users, that is, one equipment has a full-time engineer to carry out perennial technology tracking service after leaving the factory.

3. In the event of a malfunction, the seller guarantees that it will arrive at the buyer's site within 24 hours after receiving the buyer's notice.

4. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, non-human equipment quality problems cause damage to equipment and components, the seller performs maintenance free of charge.

5, in addition to the warranty period, provide lifelong paid repair and maintenance services.





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