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IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation

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IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation

IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation
IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation

Large Image :  IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receiving advanced payments
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Input Power: 15KW-160KW The Output Current: 3-243A
The Output Voltage: 70-550V Volume: 46 Length × 27 Width × 45 Height
Load Continuation Rate: 100% Weight: 26KG
High Light:

small induction heater


small furnace for melting metal

Small Electric Furnace



Small electric furnace is one of the indispensable equipments in daily production. generally, The melting range is consistent with other melting furnaces. It is mainly divided into: steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold and silver alloy and other alloy materials smelting, and also for small amounts of nickel alloy, silicon powder alloy, platinum, K gold and other metal materials; the whole set of equipment is small in size, light in weight, and the melting amount is from several kilograms to several hundred kilograms. The range of choice is large, especially suitable for precision casting processing, small melting processing, Small batch production, personal handicraft production, school smelting experiments, smelting experiments in scientific research institutions, purification of precious metals, production of gold bars and silver bars, etc. The basic components of a small medium frequency metal melting furnace including intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitor box and melting furnace. According to different application requirements, thermometers, temperature controllers and other devices can be installed; smelting furnaces are divided into three types: tipping smelting furnaces, ejector melting furnaces and stationary melting furnaces. The tipping smelting furnace can be divided into a mechanical tumbling furnace, an electric tumbling furnace and a hydraulic tumbling furnace according to the overturning manner.




power supply technical parameters of Small metal melting furnace :

1. Input power: 15KW-160KW

2, oscillation frequency: 1-20KHZ according to customer's workpiece heating requirements

4, the output current: 3-243A

5, the output voltage: 70-550V

6, input voltage: three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ

7. Cooling water requirements: ≥ 0.2Mpa, ≥3L/min

8, load continuation rate: 100%

9, volume (CM): 46 length × 27 width × 45 height

10, weight: 26KG

11. The compensation capacitor parameters, volume, weight, etc. are determined according to the customer's workpiece matching.




main features:

1, it is very convenient to install and operate and is quick to learn; ultra-small size, light weight, movable, occupying less than 1 square meter;

2, 24 hours uninterrupted smelting capacity; energy saving; power supply uses IGBT imported power devices, more integrated miniaturization, effective output power of more than 90%,

3. It is convenient to replace the furnace body with different weight, different materials and different furnace modes to meet various melting requirements; such as vertical melting furnace, hand-type melting furnace, electric melting furnace, school laboratory melting furnace, portable high Frequency melting furnace,

4, the use of ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply, energy saving 60% than the traditional thyristor medium frequency! The medium frequency magnetic field has a magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which is beneficial to the uniform composition and scum.

5, according to the recommended equipment and smelting amount, each furnace smelting time (cold furnace) 50-60 minutes (hot furnace) 20-30 minutes.




Melting furnace precautions

1) Please check the water and electricity before starting the power; please check whether the voltage is the same as the rated voltage, the power line is matched and the water pressure and water flow meet the equipment requirements.

2) Newly purchased equipment (except the oven has been baked before delivery, except for special circumstances) or long-term unused should be preheated to evaporate the water inside the crucible to prolong the service life of the crucible.

3) Adding metal or non-metal to be 80% of the melting crucible, avoiding too much solution and causing danger to running liquid.

4) Fireproof sand should be prepared: for example, when the furnace is used too long and a furnace accident occurs, be careful not to use water directly on the solution or the solidifying metal to prevent explosion. The accident can be covered with fireproof sand, and the power supply should be cut in time.

5) Boot sequence: boiling water --- turn on the power --- start

Shutdown sequence: off --- turn off the power --- off the water

6) The cooling water should be cooled and then closed after the smelting furnace.

7) It is a normal phenomenon that the crack of the mouth mud (green mud) occurs during the use. But it will affect the usage If the crack is too large, so we can knock down the green mud ,wet it by water and repaste, then it can be used after completely dried .

8) The inner wall of the crucible should be inspected regularly. If the crack is found or the damage to the furnace wall is too large, the crucible should be replaced in time.

9) When smelting and feeding, it should be less and more, first add a small amount of material, wait until the temperature of the crucible rises, and then feed. When the furnace is released, the power can be reduced, or the remote control switch can be used to stop and start several times, avoiding the long-term high-temperature operation of the crucible, reducing the loss of the crucible and improving the service life of the crucible.

10) When the solution is bridged (mainly in non-graphite crucible or metal melting with higher melting point), the furnace can be slowly poured down, and after the bridge is melted, the melting is continued.



Melting furnace Construction personnel precautions

One. On-site operators should take measures to prevent high temperatures, drink plenty of water, wear thicker overalls, and prevent high-temperature radiation.

two. Wear high-temperature goggles, high-temperature protective shoes, labor insurance pants, etc. before going to work.

three. When you work, don't carry explosives such as mobile phones and lighters.

four. The exposed parts of the IF coil and the water-cooled cable connector are all exposed to voltage. When the equipment is in operation, contact is strictly prohibited.

Fives. If the device has a fault alarm, it cannot be forced to start. After the fault is completely eliminated, start the device work.

6. In the event of an emergency of passing through the furnace and leaking the furnace, turn off the main power switch for the first time (if the water leaks at the same time, the water is turned off), the personnel are evacuated, and the furnace is completely cooled and the furnace body is treated.




Selection configuration table

Power model Melting material Melting time (hot furnace) Reference temperature °C Melt amount(kg)


Crucible types and material



Crucible size(mm)


Crucible agent price


SDZ-15KW aluminum 15 minutes 850 3 10#Clay graphite    
30 minutes 6 20#Clay graphite    
Brass (silver) 15 minutes 1100 5 5#Clay graphite    
25 minutes 10 10#Clay graphite    
copper 25 minutes 1300 5 5#Clay graphite    
40 minutes 10 10#Clay graphite    
SDZ-25KW aluminum 20 minutes 850 6 20#Clay graphite    
30 minutes 10 30#Clay graphite    
Brass (silver) 15 minutes 1100 10 10#Clay graphite    
25 minutes 20 20#Clay graphite    
copper 25 minutes 1300 10 10#Clay graphite    
Steel 20 minutes 1600 5 5#magnesium oxide    
SDZ-35KW aluminum 20 minutes 850 10 30#Clay graphite    
30 minutes 12 40#Clay graphite    
Brass (silver) 30 minutes 1100 30 30#Clay graphite    
copper 40 minutes 1300 30 30#Clay graphite    
Steel 25 minutes 1600 10 10#magnesium oxide    
SDZ-45KW aluminum 30 minutes 850 18 50#Clay graphite    
Brass (silver) 40 minutes 1100 50 50#Clay graphite    
copper 50 minutes 1300 50 50#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Steel 30 minutes 1600 20 20#magnesium oxide    
SDZ-70KW aluminum 35 minutes 850 35 100#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
45 minutes 50 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Brass (silver) 50 minutes 1100 100 100#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
copper 80 minutes 1300 100 100#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Steel 30 minutes 1600 30 30#Magnesium oxide (or magnesia knotting furnace)    
SDZ-90KW aluminum 50分钟 850 50 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
70 minutes 70 200#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Brass (silver) 60 minutes 1100 150 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
copper 80分钟 1300 150 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Steel 45 minutes 1600 50 50#Magnesium oxide (or magnesia knotting furnace)    
SDZ-110KW aluminum 60 minutes 850 100 300#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
90 minutes 150 400#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Brass (silver) 45 minutes 1100 150 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Power Model Smelting Materia Melting Time (Hot Furnace) Temperature(℃)

Melting Capacity



Crucible types and material



Crucible size(mm)


Crucible price


SDZ-110KW Brass (silver) 60 minutes 1100 200 200#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
copper 80 minutes 1300 150 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
100minutes 200 200#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
steel 45 minutes 1600 80 50#Magnesium oxide (or magnesia knotting furnace)    
SDZ-160KW aluminum 80 minutes 850 150 450#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
120 minutes 200 600#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Brass (silver) 45 minutes 1100 200 200#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
70 minutes 300 300#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
copper 60 1300 150 150#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
90 200 200#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
120 300 300#Silicon carbide isostatic pressing    
Steel 40 minutes 1600 100 100#Magnesium oxide,100#Alumina (or magnesia knotting furnace)    
60 minutes 150 150#Magnesium oxide,150#Alumina (or magnesia knotting furnace)    



Bar Weight Algorithm: Radius X Radius X3.14X Height (Length) X Density

Square weight algorithm: length X width X height X density




Manufacturer service commitment:

1. The company's products are strictly produced according to the requirements and standards of ISO9001 quality management system, and each product is strictly inspected and manufactured.

2. The company implements the after-sales service concept of “you use equipment, I maintain”, and the after-sales service is fast and timely. After receiving the feedback of quality information, the company will give satisfactory answers to the users within 24 hours; the domestic users will arrive at the use site within three days. The telephone, fax and mail methods for foreign users will be answered within 10 days.

3. After the equipment is accepted, The supplier shall retain a technician to monitor the operation of the equipment, and provide technical training for relevant technicians of the demander for 1-3 days

4. The equipment has a warranty period of one year from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair it free of charge and the equipment will be paid for maintenance for life.

5. After the equipment exceeds the warranty period, only the necessary maintenance and labor costs will be charged.

6. The self-made parts purchased by the acquirer, the supplier promises that the price will not increase within 3 years.


Melting furnace furnace building method

preliminary preparation:

1, each time the steel liquid is poured out, carefully check whether there are cracks and defects in the inner wall of the crucible, or the thickness of the wall are thin. If there is any, please replace the furnace in time to avoid the phenomenon of furnace penetration during smelting.

2. After the temperature of the furnace body is completely cold, knock off the nozzle material, and then use a sharp tool to pry off the grit magnesium sand from top to bottom. Please note that the force should not be too strong to avoid damage to the induction coil copper tube.

3. After the magnesia layer is removed, clean it and check if the coil mud is damaged and the copper tube of the induction coil is exposed, if it is, repair the damaged part with coil mud (red mud).

4. Place a piece of mica paper with a thickness of 0.1mm on the cleaned and repaired inner wall (for better insulation).

the furnace sequence:

1, Prepare magnesia to wet clay form with water glass (proportion is about 5:1, magnesia do not come loose after releasing it in your hand )

2, the bottom layer of the furnace is slightly thicker. while being fed, it is ramming with a flat bottom steel rod of about ∮30 size and 40mm thickness , and the horizontal smooth surface must be maintained after compaction.

3, mold processing: generally made of steel pipe ≥ 5mm wall thickness (slightly taper, easy to take out after sintering), the size is reduced by 5mm (newspaper layer) according to the size of the initial use capacity. Wrap around the mold a layer of newspaper about 2.5mm thick with sellotape

4. Put the finished mold into the center of the furnace (remember to take it lightly when you put it in, so as not to loosen the magnesia under the bottom), pay attention to the uniform distance of the mold to the surrounding area, otherwise the thickness of the sintered furnace is uneven, which affects the service life

5, began to inject magnesia around the mold, the method is the same as the bottom side of the feeding side, the cookware should be replaced with 3-5mm steel wire and can not damage the mica paper and newspaper when cutting, pay attention to the surrounding gradually from the bottom to the top. Do not fill one position before filling another. Fill up and rammed until tight.

6. Do not mix impurities into the magnesia during the whole feeding process. Otherwise, the debris will melt rapidly after the high temperature.

7, the craft will restore the furnace edge and the nozzle back to the original shape.


Baking furnace:

1. Turn the power supply to the minimum starting power supply and start heating the mold. Keep the furnace at 60-100 degrees for about 30 minutes.

2, Appropriately increase the power supply and the furnace is kept at about 300 degrees for about 30 minutes.

3, Appropriately increase the power supply and the furnace is kept at about 500 degrees for about 60 minutes. After the newspaper is completely burned, the mold is taken out. At this time, the inner wall of the furnace has been sintered and hardened.

4, put the material into the furnace, the power supply is adjusted to the appropriate size and the temperature is maintained for about 800 degrees for 60 minutes.

5. Turn the power supply to maximum and start to melt.

IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation 0IGBT Power Device Small Induction Furnace Convenient Installation 1

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