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Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle

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Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle

Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle
Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle

Large Image :  Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receiving advanced payments
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Features: Fully Enclosed Circulation Cooling Shell And Sink: Hot-dip Aluminum-zinc Plate
Water Eliminator: PVC High Efficiency Water Remover Fan: Air Conditioning Dedicated Aluminum Alloy Three-proof Fan
Spray Pump: Adopt Domestic Famous Brand Electric Control Box: Two Cooling Modes
Keyword: Industrial Cooling Tower Advantage: High Efficiency
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closed circuit cooling tower


closed loop cooling tower


Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle

Industrial Cooling Tower Introduction:
Cooling towers are divided into: open-type FRP cooling towers, closed water circulation cooling towers, industrial chillers, etc., the cooling methods are different, but the purpose of the final purchase is consistent, through the equipment to reduce the temperature of the water, thereby achieving The purpose of water recycling. The closed cooling tower complete equipment consists of a main engine, an expansion water tank, a circulation pump and an electric control cabinet. The main engine is composed of shell, heat exchanger, fan, sprinkler system, water eliminator, water tank and pipeline valve.

Working principle and mode
During operation, the heat carrier medium (cooling water, oil or other liquid) is driven by the system circulation pump, circulating between the heat exchanger coil and the cooling equipment (such as power supply, furnace body, etc.), and the heat of the heat carrier medium conducts to the coil tube wall . The spray water is evenly sprayed on the heat exchanger to form a uniform water film on the outer surface of the heat exchanger coil. Under the action of the fan, the cold air enters the tower from the air inlet below the tower body, and flows back through the surface of the heat exchanger with the spray water, fully contacts, and carries out latent heat and sensible heat exchange, and some water evaporates, so that the spray water temperature is lowered. The saturated hot and humid air after the heat is absorbed by the fan to the atmosphere, the low-temperature spray water absorbs the heat of the coil and then flows into the lower tank of the tower body, and then is sent to the spray system by the spray pump. In this way, the cooling medium in the heat exchanger is cooled and cooled. During the heat exchange process, the heat transfer medium in the coil is not in direct contact with the air, so that the quality characteristics are maintained without contamination, concentration, moisture absorption and volatilization.
The closed cooling tower has two modes of operation, namely: air cooling, air cooling + spraying. The switching of the two modes is automatically carried out by the electronic control system according to the working conditions to achieve energy saving.

1. Fully enclosed circulation cooling, no debris enters the cooling pipeline system resulting in pipeline blockage.
2. Soft water circulation cooling, no water scale is formed at high temperature, causing fouling of the cooling pipeline system, and the pipeline is overheated and damaged.
3. Small footprint, no need to excavate the pool, easy to access, save water and reduce energy consumption.
4. Air cooling + evaporation endothermic double cooling method, high cooling efficiency.
5. It can directly cool water, oil, alcohol, quenching liquid, salt water and chemical liquid. The medium has no loss and stable composition.
6. Due to the closed cycle, the medium is not affected by the environment and will not pollute the environment.
7. Automatic digital control temperature, automatic liquid level control, energy saving, high precision, easy to operate.
8. The cooling water does not come into contact with the outside world, and the heat is dissipated by the coil;
9. When the wet bulb drops to a certain temperature, the cooling host can be stopped to provide a cold source;

1. High-efficiency airfoil type axial flow fan: airfoil type aluminum alloy fan blade, galvanized ring plate wheel hub, its design shape conforms to aerodynamic principle, low speed under high efficiency ensures low noise operation of the fan, angle can be free Adjust to achieve maximum horsepower and optimum performance.
Features: high efficiency, low speed, low energy consumption, low noise and low vibration.
2. Filler and water collector: The filler is in the form of a film. The filling process is vacuum-absorbed by UV-resistant and chemical-resistant PVC. The louver remover is a component of the filler. Formed integrally to confine water to the filler layer. Other manufacturers may use exterior louvers so that water can easily freeze due to the outflow of the packing layer and is difficult to detect due to the proximity of the cooling tower. If you want to continue using the cooling tower in the winter, especially with natural cooling, then using integrated louvers can eliminate your concerns. Compact design, strong hydrophilicity, high heat dissipation efficiency, easy to disassemble and clean, easy to replace, water collector is PVC material, triple process design. The drift water can reach 0. 005% or less of the water flow rate, and there is no splash on the air inlet surface.
3. Coil tube: The serpentine coil tube is connected to the all-welded box-shaped header, and the coil tube and the header are welded to the hot-dip zinc. The design of the coil tube is to discharge all the refrigerant at the time of shutdown.
The core design: the upper part is the heat dissipation coil, the lower part is the heat dissipation filler, and the spray water and the fresh air simultaneously cool the heat exchange tube. The heat transfer driving force of the coil heat exchanger is enhanced, and the heat exchange capacity per unit coil area is greatly improved. Each coil manufacturing has undergone a pressure leak test to ensure its perfect quality.
Coil tube integrated design, easy to handle and repair, cleaning.

Introduction: In the history of the development of closed cooling towers, other coatings coated on carbon steel cannot be compared with the galvanizing process under the normal cooling tower water quality conditions defined on the left. No matter how peculiar, other coating layers and electrostatic coatings are not as successful as galvanizing.

Technical performance description
(1) Naked copper heat exchanger
Made of T2 deacidified bare copper tube, no fins, factory hydraulic pressure test pressure ≥ 1.0MPa. The heat exchanger coil is designed with a slope structure, and it is easy to empty and freeze in winter.
(2) Shell and sink The imported hot-dip aluminum-zinc plate has a thickness of 2.0mm.
(3) Water eliminator (PVC high efficiency water remover)
Adopting PVC high-efficiency dehydrator, the ventilation efficiency is high, and the spray water drift rate is low, less than 0.01%.
(4) Fan The aluminum alloy three-proof fan is used for air conditioning. The fan has low noise, high efficiency, less failure and long service life.
(5) Spray pump Adopt domestic famous brand Shanghai Liancheng Pump Industry (or Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Lante) Co., Ltd. products.
(6) Electric control box: The indication function and protection measures of the supporting electric control cabinet are complete, and the two cooling modes of air cooling or air cooling + spray can be automatically controlled according to the return water temperature to achieve energy saving. Additional control functions can be added according to user requirements. (All electrical components are used in Chint products)

Closed cooling tower configuration
(1) Main unit (including housing, heat exchanger, spray and exhaust system) 1 set
(2) Electric control box 1 set
(3) Circulating pump 1 set
(4) Soft water tank 1 set

Industrial Master Tech Cooling Towers Adopts Aerodynamic Principle 0

Parameter list of all models

Моdel LNB-6Т LNB-10Т LNB-15Т LNB-20Т LNB-25Т LNB-30Т LNB-40Т LNB-50Т
Cooling capacity Kcal/h 36000 60000 90000 120000 150000 180000 240000 300000

Main machine


8 8 23 28 28 28 32 32


Pipe diameter

Waer inlet DN63 DN75
Waer outlet DN63 DN75
Waer supplement DN32 DN32
Drain outlet DN32 DN32
Fan Power of the generator(kw) 0.37 0.55 0.37*2ps 0.55*2ps 0.75*2ps 1.1*2ps


Spray pump

Power(kw) 0.75 0.75



1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Flow(m³/h) 15 15 23 23 23 32 32 32


Circulating pump

Power(kw) 1.5 2.2 2.2 3 4 4 4 5.5
Lift 25 28 28 28 32 32 32 32
Flow(m³/h) 10 12 12 23 25 25 25 46
Rated voltage (V) 380V/50HZ


Size (L / W / H) mm





Main machine





Donkey machine 1000*



Main machine





Donkey machine 1000*



Main machine




Donkey machine 1000*500*2000

Heat exchanger tube T2 copper tube Φ16×0.6
Weight 530kg 550kg 670kg 700kg 720kg 870kg 920kg 1100kg


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